Mikro-Pulssi supplies fire protection systems for the defence industry and for military applications

We have manufactured and delivered automatic fire protection systems for the military and defence sector for 30 years now. Our latest product development, ExAct Titan Fire Suppression System, is an innovative fire protection system for armoured military vehicles.

Two military containers.

Mikro-Pulssi fire protection systems effectively protect various military applications, including the following:

  • Military vehicles (armoured personnel carriers, tanks etc.)
  • Military containers (radar containers, containers for air surveillance and anti-aircraft defence)
  • Explosives factories and other stationary applications.

When the application is demanding, close cooperation with the customer becomes increasingly important

Military applications are often individual and difficult to protect from fires. Therefore, close cooperation with the customer is important already at the design stage of the fire protection system.

The design of a new fire protection system begins with carefully identifying and assessing the potential fire risks associated with the military application in question. This is done together with the customer. After that it will be possible to select the most suitable fire detectors and fire extinguishing agents for the application.

Our in-house design and manufacturing ensure high quality, system maintainability and continuity of supply

By designing and manufacturing the military fire protection systems ourselves, we can guarantee the high quality and maintainability of our systems. We can also ensure the continuity of supply throughout the system life cycle, keeping life cycle costs low and providing the best support for our systems.

ExAct Titan fire suppression system brings new thinking to military fire protection

The advanced ExAct Titan fire protection system combines the technical characteristics and operational performance required of a next generation fire protection system.

The ExAct Titan fire suppression system provides excellent protection against explosions and slow-growth flaming fires. Key system characteristics include modular design, ease of use, and minimal maintenance requirement. The ExAct Titan system can be integrated with vehicle systems.

Read more about the ExAct Titan fire suppression system

Mikro-Pulssi is a reliable system supplier

Trustworthiness, reliability and security are core values in all our operations. We are used to handling confidential projects securely and delivering our systems on time.

Mikro-Pulssi Oy complies with the requirements of the standard AQAP 2110.


Mikro-Pulssi Oy has supplied fire protection systems, for example, for the following military applications:

  • K9
  • XA-360
  • XA-203
  • XA-202
  • XA-188
  • Bridge-laying vehicles on Leopard 2 platform
  • Minesweeping vehicles on Leopard 2 platform
  • Military containers
  • Rheinmetall Defence ASRAD-R missile system platforms

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