Fire extinguishing systems for vehicles and mobile equipment

An automatic fire extinguishing system effectively protects heavy vehicles and mobile equipment against fires. Forestry and earth-moving machinery, forklift trucks, road tankers, buses and coaches, cranes etc. All these machines and vehicles have in common excessive heat in the engine compartment caused by long-term operation.

Logset-kuormatraktori nostaa puunippua.

Where does a fire start?

A fire usually starts in the engine compartment. A fire may start, for example, if oil is leaking on a hot turbo. Another common cause of fire is an electrical fault, for example, a fault in the alternator or starter motor.

Certain operating conditions may increase the risk of a vehicle fire. When working in environments where dust, sawdust, or dirt are continuously present, like in forests and sawmills, the dust and dirt may accumulate in the engine compartment and can be easily ignited.

You can choose between two different fire extinguishing systems

ExAct Forest is a versatile, fully automatic fire extinguishing system. The system is specially designed for the protection of vehicles and mobile equipment operating in areas of high fire risk, such as in forests and sawmills. The system operates with electricity.

ExAct Guard, in comparison, is an inexpensive system that operates with or without electricity.

The two systems share the same functions: automatic fire detection, fire alarm and fire extinguishing. The systems differ, for example, with respect to the method of fire detection and the additional system functions. Both systems are well suited for the protection of heavy vehicles and mobile equipment. The price of the system is determined by the number of the components, the desired functions and the scope of the system. Each system is individually designed for the specific application.

With our wide range of extinguishing agents, we are able to provide the correct agent for each application

The fire extinguishing agent to be used in the system will be selected individually according to the specific application requirements. Options include liquid-based extinguishing agents, dry powder and gas.

Typically, the system uses a liquid-based fire extinguishing agent. Extinguishing efficiency of the agent is based on its cooling effect. The nozzles are aimed at locations where a fire usually starts, such as at the turbo, alternator and start motor.

Our systems are tested and approved

Our systems are approved by insurance companies. The systems fulfil the requirements of the specification FK-127 for automatic fire extinguishing systems installed in motor vehicles and machinery.

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