Fire extinguishing systems for industrial machines

Safe and effective fire protection is especially vital if manufacturing machinery or a production process constitutes a fire risk. Mikro-Pulssi’s fire extinguishing systems ensure the fire safety of production.

Teollisuuden koneeseen asennettu sammutusjärjestelmä.

A local application system protects a single machine or a production line against fires. If a fire starts, the extinguishing agent will be discharged through the piping and nozzles accurately to the fire, extinguishing the fire instantly.

The system protects industrial machinery and prevents long and costly production interruptions

A fire extinguishing system is typically required if an industrial machine operates unmanned and poses some kind of fire risk. For example, a flammable liquid may be used as a cutting fluid in metalworking. Or a machine may be prone to clogging or overheating. If the machine was not protected against fire, a possible fire could put people in danger and cause extensive damage to the machine and the production facilities.

Installing an automatic fire extinguishing system on a machine or a production line increases the safety and smoothness of production. If a fire occurs, the system detects the fire at its early stages, activates the alarm and extinguishes the fire. By using a gaseous fire extinguishing agent, it is possible to avoid intensive cleaning after the fire incident. Production can be continued almost without interruptions, and potentially large economic losses can be avoided.

A gaseous extinguishing agent does not cause corrosion to the machinery

Usually, a local application system employs carbon dioxide (CO2) as the extinguishing agent. Carbon dioxide is well suited for the protection of machinery, because it does not cause corrosion. Carbon dioxide is a good choice when the machine operates unmanned. People must not be exposed to high concentrations of the agent. Mikro-Pulssi always gives training to the responsible operators of the system.

In potentially explosive atmospheres and in other special applications Mikro-Pulssi typically uses water mist instead of carbon dioxide.

You can find more information about carbon dioxide below.

Carbon dioxide, (CO2)


  • Colourless and odourless liquefied gas
  • Cheap
  • Well suited for unmanned applications
  • Extinguishing method: smothering


  • Automation rooms, electrical rooms
  • Deep fat fryers
  • Drying ovens
  • Furnaces
  • Gluing machines
  • Lacquering machines
  • Machine tools
  • Powder coating paint shops
  • Printing machines
  • Silos and ducts
  • Soldering machines
  • Spray painting booths
  • Welding machines

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